Pufin - the mobile app for team-building memories, no matter where you are.

What is Pufin?

Pufin is a mobile app with a variety of interactive experiences that can be accessed from anywhere, no matter if you’re in the mountains, in a team building, or at home, on your sofa. In an organization with so many employees, it's challenging to get to know everyone and feel a connection which breaks the walls and goes beyond your nearest colleagues. This is where Pufin comes in.


There is a wide palette of scenarios available, but the adventure begins as you can build the one that fits your needs.
Each scenario features digital missions (photos, videos, audio recordings, texts) created by the organizer. These missions can have a time limit, and participants vote for each other.
Through each mission, users reveal more about themselves, their passions, their hidden talents, their favorite projects, their home sprawling corner, and the achievements they proudly share with their friends.
The interactive game eliminates social awkwardness, allowing team members to authentically get to know each other. Participants interact in a fun and engaging way, which leads to an improved communication and stronger team relationships.


Your team will benefit from an authentic team-building experience, regardless of your location. Additionally, you’ll get access to a variety of challenging and ingenious tasks that improve creativity and problem-solving skills.


Fun is guaranteed with Pufin. Missions will be completed with wide smiles on their faces, in a cheerful atmosphere.

A happy team is a united team!


New experiences are always welcomed, as they enhance creativity.

And the Pufin experience is, for sure, one that will stay with your team long after it's over.


What's better than bonding and making new friends? Pufin helps teams to develop a stronger sense of camaraderie. All for one, and one for all! This will be your team's motto after Pufin.

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